Affordable Drainage North Houston provides all areas of drains and water control for your property.  We have successfully provided superior design and installation of a wide range of drain solutions for 25 years to the North Houston surrounding areas to include:


French Drain Installation 

French drains are a very traditional way to solve water flow problems in your yard.  A French drain is a great way to catch water running along the top of the ground or hard surface and direct it to a less evasive spot on the property or to the street.


French Drain Repair

All aspects of repairing an old or malfunctioning French Drain.


Downspout Extension 

Extending your downspouts that release all of your roof water away from your home or office foundation is a great solution to prolonging the life of the structure.


Storm Drains 

Design and installation of all types of storm drains.


Tight Line Installation

Installation of tight lines tying in downspouts or utilizing catch basins to flow into tight lines.


Catch Basin Installations 

Installation of all sizes of catch basins to store water or to pump water to a desired area.  Catch basins are a great option if your property does not have a slope that will allow gravity to make the water flow out of the problem area.


Pumping Systems 

Design and installation of all types of pumping systems to pump water out of your catch basin.


Erosion Solutions

We offer many types of Erosion solutions for your property.


Swale & Berm Construction

Designing swales to take water to where you want it to go naturally as well as building berms to do the same. These natural options sometimes are the best way to re-direct the water and resolving puddling issues.


Dry Creek Beds

Installation of dry creek beds which allow for a beautiful look while at the same time diverting the water to a more desirable area of the property.


All Types Of Drainage & Water Solutions

No matter what drainage services you are needing, Affordable Drainage will be there!

Leading Indicators that you may need a Drainage System.

  • Personal Observation
  • Seeing standing water 12 to 24 hours after a hard rain
  • Lawn that is turning yellow
  • Plant life – leaves that are turning yellow
  • Areas of grass that may be thinning, despite proper conditions for growth
  • Fungus issues 
  • Mulch/leaves piling up in an area
  • Water stains on wood, rotting of fences from the bottom up
  • Water in the home thru doors or foundation
  • Mud/sand piling up on patio or in other areas

If you have any of the above happening in your North Houston, Texas home or yard, please consider calling us for a free estimate.

We can come check out the concern and create a plan to fix the problem with any number of solutions to include:

  • French Drain Systems
  • Surface Drain Systems
  • Swales & Berms
  • Downspout Drains
  • And much more

It is Affordable Drainage of North Houston’s recommendation that you tie in all gutter down spouts into a drainage system to get the water off of the home as soon as possible.  Water pouring onto your home’s foundation will cause nothing but problems long term.