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Affordable Drainage of North Houston
The Importance Of

Drainage Systems

Drainage around your North Houston area home should be taken seriously. If left untreated the standing water can:

Kill your grass and other landscaping
Unsettle your driveway or patio
Cause health hazards by serving as a breeding ground for mosquitos or other critters
Damage your home’s foundation
Flood your basement

Drainage Services

French Drain Repair

All aspects of repairing an old or malfunctioning French Drain.

Storm Drains

Design and installation of all types of storm drains.

Tight Line Installation

Installation of tight lines tying in downspouts or utilizing catch basins to flow into tight lines.

Catch Basin Installations

Installation of all sizes of catch basins to store water or to pump water to a desired area.  Catch basins are a great option if your property does not have a slope that will allow gravity to make the water flow out of the problem area.

Pumping Systems

Design and installation of all types of pumping systems to pump water out of your catch basin.

Erosion Solutions

We offer many types of Erosion solutions for your property.

Swale & Berm Construction

Designing swales to take water to where you want it to go naturally as well as building berms to do the same. These natural options sometimes are the best way to re-direct the water and resolving puddling issues.


Installation of dry creek beds which allow for a beautiful look while at the same time diverting the water to a more desirable area of the property.


No matter what drainage services you are needing, Affordable Drainage will be there!

No job is too big or too small for Affordable Drainage Solutions. 

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